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Within specific tissues, this local glucocorticoid availability is critically determined by intracellular glucocorticoid metabolism (23,24). This local ‘pre receptor’ regulation of glucocorticoid availability is mediated by the interconversion of hormonally active and inactive ligands by the two 11 hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (11HSD) isoenzymes (23,24). The type 1 enzyme (11 HSD1) predominantly catalyses the formation of active cortisol (in man) and corticosterone (in rodents) from inactive cortisone and 11 dehydrocorticosterone (11 DHC) respectively.

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It was an amazing feeling.”I only found out I was playing just after the pre match meal. It was better finding out so late because I didn’t have too much time to think about it. I was just hoping I hadn’t eaten too much.”My dad Ian was there but my mum Christine is on holiday with my gran in Cyprus.”My dad had already texted her to say I’d played but he forgot to mention anything about the goal! So when I told her that she didn’t believe me at first.”I think she was disappointed that she missed it but if I keep getting a chance and playing well she’ll have plenty of time to come to see me when she gets home.”The goal I scored is as much for them as it is for me because they have done so much to support me.”In my first year at Kilmarnock I couldn’t drive so my dad had to take me from Barrhead down to the bus stop at Darnley first thing every morning.”He works as a concierge for Glasgow Housing Association which involves nightshifts so he’d often just come straight from his work to give me a lift when he must have just wanted to go to his bed.”My dad played junior with Irvine Meadow and was semi pro at Annan for a while.