But the PBOC works differently

China escaped the worst of the Asian Financial Crisis in the late 1990s, which battered the currencies of nearby countries, because it was largely shut off to foreign investors.The People’s BankLike the Federal Reserve in the United States, China’s central bank sets interest rates to help guide the economy, which can also influence the value of the currency.The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) also uses other tools, like dictating how much cash Chinese banks must keep in reserve.But the PBOC works differently. It’s not independent of the ruling Communist Party, so it ultimately takes its orders on monetary policy from China’s top leaders.The headquarters of People’s Bank of China in Beijing.The central bank has been known to intervene in the markets either through state owned banks or by delving into its vast foreign currency war chest to prop up the yuan.It also drops the occasional big surprise, like when it devalued the yuan in 2015.”The PBOC is still a major player in the foreign exchange market,” Yao said. “You don’t really see that same kind of intervention with the Fed, European Central Bank or the Bank of Japan.”Related: China’s yuan is falling against the dollar.

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