Dear members of the congregation and friends of the Church of the Resurrection,

In view of the  relaxation in Covid regulations in Romania, we are no longer limiting the numbers of congregation members at services  but where possible please maintain social distancing.

We still ask all members of the congregation, please, to wear a face mask.

Details of services ( when advised ) are shown in the diary below.

We continue to pray for your health and safety, God Bless



Sunday                September 19th                Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost.

                              Proper 20

Monday               September 20th

Tuesday               September 21st                St Matthew the Evangelist

Wednesday         September 22nd

Thursday              September 23rd

Friday                   September 24th

Saturday              September 25th


Sunday                September 26th                Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost.

                              Proper 21

Monday               September 27th

Tuesday               September 28th

Wednesday         September 29th                St Michael and All Angels

Thursday              September 30th

Friday                   October 1st

Saturday              October 2nd


Sunday                October 3rd                        Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost.

                              Proper 22

Monday               October 4th

Tuesday               October 5th

Wednesday         October 6th

Thursday              October 7th

Friday                   October 8th

Saturday              October 9th


Sunday                October 10th                      Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost.

                              Proper 23

Monday               October 11th

Tuesday               October 12th

Wednesday         October 13th

Thursday              October 14th

Friday                   October 15th

Saturday              October 16th


Sunday                October 17th                      Twenty First Sunday after Pentecost.

                              Proper 24

Monday               October 18th

Tuesday               October 19th

Wednesday         October 20th

Thursday              October 21st

Friday                   October 22nd

Saturday              October 23rd


Sunday                October 24th                      Twenty Second Sunday after Pentecost.

                              Proper 25

Monday               October 25th

Tuesday               October 26th

Wednesday         October 27th

Thursday              October 28th                      St Simon & St Jude, Apostles

Friday                   October 29th

Saturday              October 30th



Sunday                October 31st                      Twenty Third Sunday after Pentecost. T

                              Proper 26

Monday               November 1st                    All Saints

Tuesday               November 2nd

Wednesday         November 3rd

Thursday              November 4th

Friday                   November 5th

Saturday              November 6th


Sunday                November 7th                   Twenty Fourth Sunday after Pentecost.

                              Proper 27

Monday               November 18th

Tuesday               November 9th

Wednesday         November 10th

Thursday              November 11th

Friday                   November 12th

Saturday              November 13th


Sunday                November 14th                 Twenty Fifth Sunday after Pentecost.

                              Proper 28

Monday               November 15th

Tuesday               November 16th

Wednesday         November 17th

Thursday              November 18th

Friday                   November 19th

Saturday              November 20th


Sunday                November 21st                 Last Sunday after Pentecost.

                              Proper 28

Monday               November 22nd

Tuesday               November 23rd

Wednesday         November 24th

Thursday              November 25th

Friday                   November 26th

Saturday              November 27th



Sunday                November 28th                 First Sunday of Advent

Monday               November 29th

Tuesday               November 30th                 St Andrew the Apostle

Wednesday         December 1st

Thursday              December 2nd

Friday                   December 3rd

Saturday              December 4th



Sunday                December 5th                    Second Sunday of Advent

Monday               December 6th

Tuesday               December 7th

Wednesday         December 8th

Thursday              December 9th

Friday                   December 10th

Saturday              December 11th


Sunday                December 12th                  Third Sunday of Advent

Monday               December 13th

Tuesday               December 14th

Wednesday         December 15th

Thursday              December 16th

Friday                   December 17th

Saturday              December 18th


Sunday                December 19th                  Fourth Sunday of Advent

Monday               December 20th

Tuesday               December 21st                        St Thomas the Apostle

Wednesday         December 22nd

Thursday              December 23rd

Friday                   December 24th

Saturday              December 25th                        Christmas Day


Sunday                December 26th                  First Sunday after Christmas

Monday               December 27th                  St Stephan, Deacon & Martyr

Tuesday               December 28th                  St John the Apostle & Evangelist

Wednesday         December 29th                  Holy Innocents

Thursday              December 30th

Friday                   December 31st

Saturday              January  1st  


Sunday                January 2nd

Monday               January 3rd

Tuesday               January 4th

Wednesday         January 5th

Thursday              January 6th

Friday                   January 7th

Saturday              January  8th