I’m not great at explaining stuff super well but I’m sure

I haven had much dialogue with Ben but I did send him an email awhile ago as I had a grease spot (?) where both of my small toes are. The leather in this area is a bit drier than the rest and was unprotected for awhile. I don know if this is sweat going to the surface of the boot or if those spots just get dirty as they’re more exposed, or stuff can get into the unprotected leather, or it maybe due to leather stretching?.

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moncler usa When I think back through the jobs I had in Seattle over a decade, it always felt like the biker was the sick guy either first sick and last well, or always sick.I didn get sick like this from years of running in Seattle. So what the deal? Are people coughing and re breathing each other air on the trails? Is the answer “pollution, but no one wants to wear a mask”? Are bikers stressed out and thus immune suppressed from traffic with cheap moncler jackets shitty car drivers? Is biking just bad for you somehow?My intention here is not to arm myself with talking points and tell off my coworker. I just need to keep myself healthy to keep my wife alive moncler usa.

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