It turns out a good SAT score and vague knowledge of a dorm

For instance, what might appear to you as confidence and clever ideas for a new business venture might be a pattern of grandiose thinking and manic behavior. While you’re focused on your business experience, others notice your mood and behavior, Brondolo said. Same with irritability, a symptom that often goes unrecognized: You’re more focused on feeling frustrated than looking inward.

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My freshman year cheap jordan for sale ended up being something of a disaster. It turns out a good SAT score and vague knowledge of a dorm friendly packing list hardly prepared me for what ended up being an emotionally challenging transition to an entirely new life, in a new place, with new people. I emerged from my first year of college alive, but confused as to why I had been so completely unprepared for the reality of it, especially as a woman..

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