The only remaining issue to resolve is how to pay for the

The beginning of the end of Game of Thrones now has an official start date. In an over one minute long chilly House of Stark centric teaser, just before the debut of Season 3 of True Detective, HBO announced yesterday that the eighth and final season of the blockbuster will premiere on April 14.While an April launch has long been hinted for the series and was confirmed by the premium cable last fall, the dropping of the actual debut date is the latest successful salvo in HBO’s slow burn roll out of Game of Thrones’s final six supersized episodes. Martin’s best sellers.

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Given the gravity of these problems, we clearly need to understand them better and tackle them more aggressively. To do our part, we’ve asked some of the most distinguished scientists at our company to examine them and give us a better handle on possible solutions. In 2007, a similar examination by this group led us to understand that climate change was already affecting agriculture and to begin taking immediate coping steps..

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