They were butchered mercilessly in their weak

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30,000 of Yazid soldiers fell on Hussain small group of two hundred, which included women and 72 of Hussain relatives. They were butchered mercilessly in their weak, parched state for the lineage and values that they represented. By sunset on Ashura, they were all dead, including a four year old girl, Sakina, and a six month old baby, Ali Asghar.

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Indian Air Force chief BS Dhanoa on Wednesday firmly backed the Rs 59,000 crore Rafale deal, saying the fighters would significantly enhance the IAF capabilities at a time when India two nuclear armed adversaries (China and Pakistan) are swiftly modernising their air forces. Such emergency procurements have been made under government to government agreements in the past, too, he said. Providing the Rafale and S 400 (air defence missile systems, which are being bought from Russia), the government is strengthening the IAF to counter the shortfall of our depleting numbers, he said..

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