Was unrelated to any of his official duties as President

They can keep that energy under control. They work hard and focus on the task at hand with devoted concentration, but they’re so smooth that they make it look both easy and fun. Some people are so energetic that they’re hyperactive and unfocused and constantly bouncing from one thing to another.

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Meanwhile, the Panic costume needs to be closed by someone else and ends up mashing your face against a metal screen that heats up instantly. Really, any time you can’t get into your costume by yourself, you know you’re in trouble. I remember struggling through a parade in July when the heat index was well over 100, and I was in one of those horrible costumes that I had been practically sewn into.

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The greater trust of cable news outlets for political information contrasts with Americans’ greater attention to local and network TV news. According to the Pew Research Center, a majority of Americans say they “often” get their news from television and more say they do from local TV (46 percent) than cable (31 percent) or network TV (30 percent). Tuned to evening news on ABC, CBS or NBC on average in 2017, compared with 1.2 million TVs that were tuned into CNN, Fox News or MSNBC during prime time hours and less than 1 million during daytime hours.

The article MUST contain a 2 3 sentences long get more summary. The summary cannot exceed more than 300 characters. Keywords help generate traffic to your articles. What are some fun facts and trivia from 1998? For openers, Google and PayPal were both launched, Bill Gates was pied, and “Washington was about to explode” over the Clinton Lewinsky scandal. Mercedes Benz bought Chrysler, Exxon bought Mobil, British Petroleum bought Amoco, and AOL acquired CompuServe. Internet blogs appeared for the first time, popular tech terms were “AOL dial up” and “reboot,” and the first MP3 player was released in Japan..

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