In the field of cancer biology

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moncler jacket online It cuts the messenger RNA (mRNA) so that it becomes unstable, breaks and degrades and so translation cannot take place.The whole process of gene silencing is also called the post transcriptional gene silencing (PTGS) because it happens after the DNA is transcribed to mRNA.Medical Uses of RNA InterferenceScientists discovered that RNAi does not only occur in lower organisms but also in higher organisms including human beings. They are now trying to find effective ways of using RNA interference to treat genetic diseases.In the field of cancer biology, RNAi could be used to inhibit the expression of oncogenes (cancer genes) such as those that cause breast or ovarian cancer.RNAi could also be used to destroy the mRNA of several viruses. If the mRNA is destroyed, the viruses would not be able to multiply inside the cell. moncler jacket online

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