Newsletter, May 2013 & Pictures Gallery

Newsletter, May 2013 & Pictures Gallery

May at the Church of Resurrection was a busy month.  Attendance has been up slightly thanks to Father Patrick Irwin providing bread and wine before he left Bucharest.  Nick Hammond and Alison Mutler performed the first ever communion by extension.  The service was approved by Patrick Curran and everyone in the congregation appeared to appreciate the opportunity, so much so that the next communion by extension service will be held June 2nd.  Thanks to Ian Cousins should be made for creating and reproducing all of the order of service booklets for this special service.  While we are at it, we should also thank him for doing the same thing with regard to the worship services.


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Sunday school is continuing and Marian has been able to devote more time for preparing for the class on Sunday mornings.  The children run to class each morning, which is an amazing testament to his popularity!

We thank everyone for their tithes and contributions and we are slowly beginning to gain some ground.  Remember, given our meager budget, just the slightest addition to your contributions makes a large impact.

May was the first full month after Father Patrick Irwin’s departure and it has been a good test if whether the congregation at the Church of Resurrection was up to the task of planning and carrying out services every week.  So far it looks like everyone is chipping in where and as they can.  A successful bake sale on May 14th, thanks to several ladies of the church, added some 250 RON to that week’s collection.

A church picnic planned for May 26th is supposed to meet the challenge that Nick Hammond posed in his sermon last month about helping the homeless.  Children are supposed to bring canned goods and other food products after the service and they will be distributed to the homeless.  We will have lunch in the Sunday School room and play in the park by the church afterwards.  Games for the children will be provided and we have many folding chairs.  It will be a good time for all to meet and greet.

This newsletter itself is a good example of the kinds of commitments people can make to the Church of Resurrection.  If you can think of something that you can do to help the Parish please make it known to one of the wardens or a member of the church council.  Some areas for which we could use some help include:

  1.  Wedding planning
  2.   Keeping the summer weeds around the church under control
  3. Occasionally, placing flowers on the altar, especially for visiting priests or special holy days
  4. Join the committee for the 100 year anniversary
  5. Anything else you think you can do to assist


As the summer approaches and the church service gets a little toasty thought is being given to doing some re-wiring.  Maybe another air conditioner would be a good addition to the sanctuary.  Last year, when six ambassadors attended the same service, all of them and their wives struggled to make it through the service without melting.  We are expecting many special guests for the rest of the year and we will want them to enjoy their visit to church, just as we all would also like to do.

But hot or cold, come to the church!  Do it as regularly as you can during

this time when we do not have a rector.  Maybe you can assist your male warden in keeping the morning prayers in order – although it might take an entire congregation to accomplish that!


Finally, please trust thank those in the church who are donating their time and talents.  Since everyone except the organist is completely unpaid it would be a nice gesture.  Adina especially has been wonderful at performing concerts which bring in extra income for the church and she has been most gracious playing the organ during our coffee time, making it special.  Please let her know how much you thank her.

That is it for now.  There are many good things planned for the summer and fall, and lots of interesting visiting priests and bishops.  Please let us know what is on your mind that you or we can do to improve the functioning and reach of the church in this community.

Jay Golden, Warden

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