Sunday School

When and where?

Sunday school takes place almost every week except during school holidays. Between five and ten (sometimes even more!) children gather together in the Sunday school rooms in the church during the readings and sermon. If you want to make sure there is Sunday school on a particular Sunday, email

What is the aim?

At the Church of the Resurrection, our aim and mission is to talk with the kids in an interactive way about God who according to the gospel of John “so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life“.

What do the kids do?

The kids get involved in various activities. We are currently using several books from Christian Focus Publications which is a great help in teaching children accurately from the Bible, being careful to teach each passage’s true meaning in an appropriate way for children. Using these books, we have already looked at Genesis, some stories from the books of Samuel and also the Evangelists.

We are planning to continue with Exodus and Acts in autumn 2008.

On a typical Sunday, we:

  • Read a bible extract (the older children take it in turns to read)
  • Have a brief explanation and quiz led by the teacher
  • Memorise a bible verse
  • The younger kids perform an activity to digest the story in a creative way which goes beyond the traditional colour paintings, by making booklets or all kind of cut-outs
  • The older children (aged eight and above) do a fun bible study using challenging puzzles and stories

At the end of worship, the children report to the rest of the congregation about what they have learned and present whatever they have made.

Click here for our picture gallery from the Sunday School Nativity 2008.


Can anyone take part?

All children are invited to join us. And our teacher, Frans van der Ent, is always very grateful for one or two parents to join in too, as helpers to keep an eye on things and to support the kids in their creative work.

For further information regarding our Sunday school, you can email the  church office or you can contact our Sunday school teacher directly at

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