The Anglican Church in Bucharest – 100 years

The Anglican Church in Bucharest – 100 years

On October 20th, the Anglican Church of the Resurrection in Bucharest’s Gradina Icoanei will celebrate 100 years since the first cornerstone of the building was laid in 1913. Construction of the red-bricked church was interrupted by the outbreak of World War I and it was eventually finished in 1922 after the war ended.

Since then, services have been held regularly in the church, except for the years 1940 to 1944 when the church was closed during the German occupation of Bucharest. The Anglican Church has been open for worship continuously apart from that period with the support of chaplains who were appointed to lead the community or were invited temporarily.

The Anglican Church is part of the Diocese of Europe and is under the jurisdiction of Archdiocese of Central Europe in Vienna.

To mark the centenary celebration, the Anglican Church will hold a special service on October 20th at 10 am, led by Bishop Flack, ordained by the Bishop of Gibraltar. The service will be held in the presence of Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Bucharest Martin Harris and it is hoped that a great number of British, American and English-speaking people will join in celebrating this landmark event in the history of the Church of Bucharest and Romania.


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Please feel free to download the Order of Service to Celebrate the Centennial of the Laying of the Foundation Stone and beginning Construction 20th October 1913

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