To quote Q, “think logically”

Is love the same as desire? Please think. Desire is nothing but “want” and how can want be love? Is love pleasure? Pleasure goes back to wanting mode again. Is love ambition? Is love power? When you see the foolishness that love is not desire, ambition, power, pleasure and when you negate all that, something different will open up in one’s being.

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hermes belt replica uk I support POTUS and MAGA, if that means I NEED to support Q, then hermes birkin bag replica cheap so be it. Supposed MAGA supporters undercutting Q helpful hints are undercutting POTUS/MAGA. To quote Q, “think logically”. In a normal relationship where you both really into each other your partner IS validation. There hasn been any time to get used to each other or take each other for granted in high quality hermes birkin replica your relationship. In this situation need validation reads like not hermes belt replica aaa really as into you as you are into me but I like the extra sex/extra attention so I pretend you Hermes Birkin Replica enough and fish for part time girls on the side. hermes belt replica uk

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